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Vehicle-to-Grid plant will be the world's largest

FCA has chosen Engie Eps to be its technology partner for the carmaker’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) pilot project and work has begun at the carmaker’s plant in Mirafiori, Turin, on the first phase. The work is being carried out in full compliance with the safety standards to contain the Covid-19 epidemic and, once complete, it will form the largest plant of its kind in the world.

Since the announcement with Terna in September of the intention to jointly experiment with interactions between electric cars and the power grid, based on a ‘smart’ charging infrastructure, FCA has selected Engie Eps to build that infrastructure.

The work will see two-way interaction between FCA full-electric vehicles and the power grid. In addition to recharging the cars, the project will use the batteries to provide grid stabilisation services. The vehicle batteries are capable of storing energy and, using the V2G infrastructure, can return it to the grid when needs be.

This represents an opportunity to optimise the operating costs of the cars – for the benefit of drivers and fleet decision-makers – and a concrete possibility of contributing to a more sustainable electricity system.

The construction site for phase 1 of the project is now open at the Drosso logistics centre, within the Mirafiori complex. The works cover approximately 3,000sq m with 450m of trenches already excavated, ready to host more than 10km (six miles) of the cables required to interconnect the electricity grid with 64 two-way fast charging points, with an output of up to 50kW.

In its final configuration, the project will be capable of supplying up to 25mW of regulatory capacity, making it the largest V2G facility ever built.