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FCA appoints CPM to deliver more targeted approach to fleets

As part of FCA’s ongoing development and investment in fleet, leading B2B sector sales and customer contact specialist CPM has recently been appointed as part of the group’s restructuring.

Its role is to manage the end-to-end sales process from initial contact with a prospect to the ongoing communication through the sales process and beyond.

Matt Niles, FCA’s UK fleet and business sales manager, says: “We want to ensure every customer receives the right service that works for them. By understanding their specific needs, we can either provide access to a specialist Business Centre within our sales network, or allocate a dedicated account manager to them.”

Simon Wheeler, FCA’s UK fleet marketing manager, adds: “FCA has a huge potential to deliver value-added solutions to existing customers and prospects that they might not be aware of, especially with our new electric and hybrid offerings.”

CPM, which counts the likes of Royal Mail, Asda, Bentley and Diageo among its clients, officially began working with FCA on May 1.

Renzo Spinelli, CPM client service director, says: “Our early focus has been in building a fresh understanding of the customer base and the development of a fleet-specific SalesForce platform for FCA that integrates with the existing database and fleet systems.

“We want to ensure we have a robust process to deliver outstanding customer services whether it’s to an SME or a large corporate client and maintaining lines of communication once a sale is concluded is crucial in this market.”

He adds: “The fleet market is a diverse and challenging environment, the support systems and structure of the team means we can deliver an expert tailored service. We are geared to help FCA build a deep understanding of each customer. Regular contact through the various sales teams will help us to build real relationships with our clients and regular, relevant marketing communications will ensure FCA can add real value as a fleet supplier.

“What we don’t want to deliver is ‘white noise’ that may be ignored.”

Members of FCA’s existing customer-facing fleet team of eight, who had established relationships with business operators across the UK, have been transferred to the CPM headcount as part of the outsourcing of customer contact operations.

Niles says continuity among the customer-facing team and the franchised retail network was important.

He expresses excitement about the new levels of potential business that should open up to FCA through CPM’s newly implemented approach.