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Company driver verdict

Michael Duggan, LCV corporate sales manager

Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti 2.0-litre 280hp petrol

Annual mileage: 50,000

Why this model? This is my second Giulia. I spend a lot of time on the motorway and it’s very comfortable. I have a family of five and it has plenty of room. The handling is great and the horsepower is handy. The best thing about it is the way it drives – it’s very direct and I’d challenge any other car to handle as well. It’s also stylish, but practical with good boot space, and the infotainment and sound is great.

Improvements? The infotainment system interface is sometimes clunky, the new touchscreen and Uconnect system in the model year 20 looks much better.

Mike Movassaghi, area fleet sales manager, south

Model: Fiat 500X CityCross 1.0-litre petrol

Annual mileage: 50,000

Why did you select this car? Good for benefit-in-kind tax and appealing looks.

What do you like? I’m impressed with the way it drives and handles. I thought a 1.0-litre could be underpowered for the miles I do, but it is very nippy and responsive around town and comfortable on the motorway. The engine doesn’t have to work hard. The higher ride height gives good visibility and presence on the road. It also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which I’ve never used before. These are excellent and mean you don’t need a sat-nav. It’s a small car but it doesn’t feel small inside – there’s plenty of space for children. It ticks all the boxes.

Could anything be improved? Not really, although being ultra-critical, the company car tax bill always hurts.

Final thoughts: I would recommend this car. I’m very impressed and happy with it.

Jason Lynch, area fleet sales manager, north

Model: Jeep Compass Limited 2-litre 4WD

Annual mileage: 50,000

Why this car? It looks stylish. The interior is nice and I just fancied an SUV-style vehicle which is suitable for my family.

Likes? The low-down torque makes for easy city driving, but it has lots of punch and feels comfortable at motorways speeds. It has buckets of space – it’s bigger than you think – and the safety equipment is really useful, such as lane departure, automatic braking and blind spot monitoring. I’m a petrol-head and I’ve tended to switch off the autonomous safety features, but I’ve recently embraced the technology and it works. It’s changed my driving style.

Dislikes? I have the manual now, but I’d prefer the auto, especially for stop-start driving.

Final thoughts? It ticks a lot of boxes. My wife drives a Honda but she loves the Compass, especially the safety equipment. The panoramic sunroof changes the cabin environment by letting in so much light.

Martin Smith, corporate sales manager

Model: Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.0-litre diesel

Annual mileage: 50,000

Why this car? I’ve never had a car like it. I’ve always wanted to try the Wrangler – a big 4x4 with a strong presence and image. It turns heads.

Likes? The best thing is the feeling it gives you. I look forward to getting in and driving it. The drive is comfortable and enjoyable, which is important as I drive 1,000 miles a week. I half expected it to be a bit bouncy because of its off-road ability, but it’s as happy on the motorway as it is in a field. I live close to the Dales and use the Snake Pass a lot and I know that when it snows, I won’t be stuck.

Downsides? Next time, I’ll probably go for a five-door as it has a bit more boot space than my three-door.

Nicky Austin, LTR and corporate hire manager, South

Model: Jeep Compass and Renegade 2.0-litre diesel

Annual mileage: 40,000

What do you like about the two cars? The Compass is amazingly versatile – it eats up the miles. I never felt tired driving it, which I think is partly to do with the ride height and partly the leather interior and high level of safety equipment. Away from work, it is perfect for transporting muddy kids and dogs and all the paraphernalia. I was getting 50+ mpg and the car has a large tank so I don’t have to waste time at the services.

Downsides? The Renegade is a slightly smaller version of the Compass. It’s not as refined, but it still has a nice feel and my six-year-old loves the funky colours. It’s a fun car.

Final thoughts? Jeep has a variety of vehicles now and they all have their own voice and personality. I have driven all the models from the FCA brands, but I always come back to Jeep! With the mileage I do, the PHEV will be ideal – the weekend will be free driving!