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Benefits of Privilege

FCA Group has seen a big increase in popularity for its established Privilege scheme as more company car drivers consider their mobility options.

Companies that partner with FCA Group can access exclusive benefits and savings through Privilege across the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Abarth and Fiat Professional brands.

Tim Hawkeswood, FCA group sales manager, says that while Privilege has seen a boost in sales and is focused on continuing to playing a vital role in supporting the corporate sales team’s offering.

He says: “The affinity market has changed significantly over the past seven or eight years. The appetite for affinity schemes has grown massively as more fleet drivers review their options with taking cash. The taxation changes influenced by switching to the WLTP testing system has seen a lot of people looking at alternatives to the traditional company car.

“Companies are also much more focused on offering benefits through privilege schemes as another way to increase staff retention. The primary elements to a great affinity scheme are genuine savings, an excellent choice of vehicles and simple processes for employees and companies.”

Privilege savings build on FCA Group’s retail offers and tailors unique deals specifically for privilege customers. Our customers have access to exceptional deals by being part of the scheme and it opens up the potential to consider, for example, higher trim levels for the majority of customers due to the savings on offer.

Once Privilege customers enrol for the scheme online they can configure their new vehicle and select their local or preferred retailer for vehicle handover.

Finance can be arranged for personal contract hire (PCH), personal contract purchase (PCP), hire purchase (HP) and cash, just like a retail customer and part-exchanges can still be accepted as part of the buying process.

FCA Group launched its Privilege Scheme back in 2006 so it has one of the most experienced teams in the UK.

The backend system, marketing and administration are all handled by the FCA Group Sales department.

Hawkeswood says: “Simplicity is really important. So, we take care of all the admin and management of the privilege scheme. Employees can register and log into the website and access the offers 24/7. All we need from the company is their help with marketing the scheme to employees, whether that’s through a newsletter or on their intranet.”

For companies that prefer hardcopy materials, FCA Group can also arrange for displays and brochures for employees to use to browse options with Privilege.

Hawkeswood says that where it may have been more challenging to establish FCA on choice lists in larger corporate fleets given the strong hold of the Germanic brands, the need to offer variety for staff in terms of product and grey fleet solutions has put FCA in a strong position where it can truly offer a solution for everyone, from those on the shop floor to the CEO.

Dealing with FCA Group also means getting access to five different brands and model ranges, but with just one point of contact.

He says: “People are often surprised at the extent and variety of our product ranges and when we establish the privilege scheme in a company, we often see a dramatic uplift in not only personal cars on the scheme, but company cars into the fleet.”

FCA Group aims to build its privilege scheme with more large corporate fleet customers, but are keen to point out that size of fleet or company is not paramount.

The group is keen to work with the corporates that see the benefit in promoting the scheme as a way of increasing staff motivation and ensuring a compliance to the duty of care required where private cars are used for business, rather than add it in to their employee benefits as a token offering.

Hawkeswood adds: “We are delighted to work with companies who are as passionate as we are about providing a benefit to their staff; not only cash takers, but for all employees in the business, rather than basing our selection criteria simply on size. Our aim is for a real partnership where it’s going to be a big benefit for a higher percentage of staff.”

FCA Group arranges event days and ride-and-drive shows for new Privilege customers where employees can experience many of their different models. Demonstrator vehicles can also be arranged for eligible clients seeking to test drive specific models.

Consistency of offer is really important, so there is the same level of offer for all customers, rather than different levels dependent on the size of the client base.

Most models across FCA Group’s brands are available through Privilege and the scheme regularly offers even more competitive deals on certain models during the year.

Hawkeswood says: “There might be some exclusive models that we can’t offer simply because they’re very limited in terms of our UK allocation. But we can pretty much offer excellent savings on most models from within our extensive brand portfolio.”

Once a company has given the scheme the go-ahead the FCA team can have it ready to go out to employees within around three days.

Hawkeswood concludes: “We’ve been offering privilege schemes for a long time so we’re very experienced with this part of the market and can quickly implement our programme with new clients.”

“We look to continue the growth of our Privilege brand in 2020 as more companies are looking for a genuine and consistent offer to help boost staff retention and offer a unique benefit to employees. Adding value and delivering a great service gives us a real sense of pride.”