Model previews

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

To celebrate its 110th birthday, Alfa Romeo is reviving one of the most legendary names, the GTA.

GTA stands for ‘Gran Turismo Alleggerita’ (alleggerita being the Italian term for “lightened”), and it originated in 1965 with the Giulia Sprint GTA, a specific version derived from the Sprint GT.

The model’s success in competitions was then immediate: three consecutive ‘Challenge Europeo Marche’, tens of national championships and hundreds of individual races in every part of the world. The Giulia Sprint GTA expressed the claim “a victory a day in your everyday car” to perfection. From then on, the GTA made a name for itself as the undisputed icon of Alfa Romeo sportiness.

Now, the historic initials will be placed on a limited-run of new models based on the Giulia Quadrifoglio due on sale this summer.

A more powerful version of the car’s 2.9-litre Bi-Turbo V6 engine delivers 540hp, which combines with a weight saving of 100kg to give the Giulia a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 2.82kg/hp.

Engineers have also improved the car’s aerodynamics and handling, using technology derived from Formula One racing.

A new Akrapovič central exhaust system in titanium gives the car an unmistakable sound.

Two versions are available: the Giulia GTA with four seats and the Giulia GTAm with two race seats, roll-bar and six-point harness.