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Uconnect services to be standard on all models

FCA Group is future-proofing its vehicles with the launch of a new connected platform and service via Mopar the parts, service and customer care organisation within Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which will make managing vehicles as easy, safe and efficient as possible.

The FCA range will have connected services that can be managed under one platform to help fleet managers track items such as fuel consumption, speed and preventative maintenance, along with new features on plug-in models, including range planning, remote charging and electric charge point booking and payment.

Mopar Connect has been offered to fleet customers since January 2019 as a black-box telematics product that can be fitted to individual vehicles. But FCA is now taking the next step to have connected services as standard across new models.

Factory-fit connected services are already available on 20MY Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia, as well as the Jeep Renegade.

It enables fleet managers to track driver location and driving style, and access management tools to help make their operations more efficient.

Inderpal Batth, Mopar Connectivity product manager, says: “We will be gradually adding factory-fit telematics and connected services functionality across our entire model range.

“Importantly, all vehicles that have Mopar Connect T-boxes fitted can still be managed under the new platform to make sure vehicles can be easily tracked and managed.”

The new My Fleet Manager platform launches this autumn and Batth says the decision to have connected services available as a factory-fit option was a natural progression.

He says: “As vehicles become more and more sophisticated, autonomous and electric, there is a demand there to be able to access connected services more easily.

“The My Fleet Manager platform presents the next generation of what we can offer and prepares all our latest models for the digital age.”

All you need is an internet connection

As Mopar Connect and Uconnect/Alfa Connect Services are managed in the cloud, fleet managers can access their dashboard to see all of their connected fleet either on an internet browser on desktop or mobile.

Contracts start at an initial 12 months, with the option to renew for 12-, 24- or 36-month intervals.

The mobile app can display different data relating to a given vehicle such as fuel levels, battery status, tyre pressures and a countdown to the next service.

Fleet managers can also monitor vehicle speeds and position and receive assistance in the event of an accident, breakdown or vehicle theft.

The desktop version features a fleet management tool, provided by FCA Group’s partner Targa Telematics, that goes further and comes in either basic or high versions.

The basic pack features a personalised fleet management dashboard that allows fleet managers access to real-time vehicle monitoring, routes, engine management, distance until service and revision planning.

The high pack unlocks access to manage fines, fuel consumption, accident reports, geofencing data, crash reports and remote vehicle diagnostics.

The Connectivity team can also arrange to export data from vehicles to a fleet manager’s third-party management tool if required.

These raw data packs can send information like vehicle diagnostics, fuel levels, mileages and vehicle positioning.

Ready for EVs

Factory-fit connected services on new plug-in models like the Fiat 500e city car, Jeep Renegade Plug-in Hybrid crossover and E-Ducato electric van will make it even easier for fleet managers to make the switch to zero emissions driving.

Product manager Inderpal Batth says: “Drivers will be able to plot routes through their satellite navigation system that will show the real-world zero emissions range remaining, as well as the combined battery and petrol engine range if you’re in a hybrid.

“It will be very simple to plot routes and stops based on where you might want to charge if needed. The system can even pre-book electric charge points for your journey.”

Batth adds that while FCA Group may have been slightly later to market with plug-in vehicle products, that extra time has allowed it to invest in class-leading connected services to help eliminate range anxiety and make using plug-in vehicles even easier.

Connect vehicle support

Despite the challenge of operating during the lockdown, the connectivity services provided by Mopar Connect/Alfa Connect and Uconnect Services/Alfa Connect Services, have not been affected.

FCA Group has a centralised call centre that is ready to help fleet customers and all of its 23 specialist Business Centres in the UK have been trained to be able to offer advice on all of our connected services and features.

Simon Wheeler, FCA UK Fleet and Business marketing manager, says: “Our technology has really stood up to the test during the lockdown.

“Our Business Centres are now open and ready to assist fleet customers.

“We also have a demonstrator fleet ready to go that is fitted with the latest Uconnect Services and Alfa Connect Services.

“We can arrange to deliver vehicles in-line with social distancing measures for those corporate fleets that want to know more.”