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First electrified Fiats

The 500 and Panda are the first Fiat vehicles to be electrified as part of the FCA e-Mobility Strategy. By introducing mild hybrid technology to the line-up, both iconic models can provide all the benefits of efficient, compact, lightweight and accessible hybrid driving in urban settings.

The new powertrain is based on the latest three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine with the addition of a 12-volt Belt-integrated Starter Generator (BSG) electric motor and a lithium battery.

Compared with the outgoing 1.2-litre 69hp petrol engine, the mild hybrid version improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions on the road by up to 30%. With the 70hp, the new powertrain is in line in terms of performance compared with the outgoing 1.2 engine.

The 500 Mild Hybrid has CO2 emissions as low as 88g/km (NEDC2) with the Panda at 89g/km (NEDC2). Fuel economy for the 500 stands at 53.3mpg (WLTP Combined), while the Panda returns 49.6mpg (WLTP Combined).

The BSG system also ensures a very high standard of driving comfort, allowing for a quiet, vibration-free restart of the internal combustion engine in Stop&Start mode. It is mounted directly on the engine and is operated by the belt that also drives the auxiliaries.

The system recovers energy during braking and deceleration, stores it in a lithium battery with a capacity of 11Ah, and uses it, at a maximum power of 3,600W, to restart the engine in Stop&Start mode and to assist it during acceleration.

This technology allows the internal combustion engine to switch off, when the driver shifts into neutral, at speeds below 18mph. The dashboard, which displays information on the hybrid system, prompts the driver when to shift.

Both the Panda and 500 Mild Hybrids use a six-speed manual transmission (vs five-speed manual transmission which was paired with outgoing engine) aimed at improving fuel economy in out-of-town driving, thanks to new low-friction bearings and the use of a specific high-efficiency lubricant.

The new system also lowers the entire power unit by 45mm, so the car has improved handling thanks to the lower centre of gravity.

500 and Panda Hybrid ‘Launch Edition’

To mark the introduction of Fiat’s first mild hybrid powertrain, the 500 and Panda will be available in a Launch Edition trim.

The special series can be recognised by the ‘Hybrid’ logo on the rear and the exclusive ‘H’ logo, formed by two dew drops, on the centre panel.

Both cars feature a new Dew Green exterior colour, in keeping with the themes of nature and innovation.

The Launch Edition seats are made of Seaqual® Yarn, a material derived from recycled plastic. It is produced using plastics collected from the sea and mixed with other natural, recycled or recovered fibres.

2020 Fiat 500 line-up and pricing

The Mild Hybrid will be the only powertrain with a manual transmission available in the Fiat 500 in 2020. The existing 1.2-litre petrol engine will remain available with an automatic transmission.

Prices start at £12,655 (OTR) for the entry-level Pop model. The base specification has been enhanced to include manual air conditioning, heated door mirrors and digital radio.The Lounge trim is priced from £14,395 (OTR) and gains a fixed sunroof, while the Star and Rockstar models cost £15,895 and £16,065 respectively.

All versions are available in hatchback or convertible bodystyles (+£2,650), while the automatic 1.2 69hp petrol engine version costs an additional £650. The Launch Edition costs £16,795.

The instrument cluster is updated to provide additional information about the operation of the powertrain, on all versions featuring the hybrid engine.

2020 Fiat Panda line-up and pricing

The Mild Hybrid engine joins the exiting powertrain line-up on the Panda, which includes the 0.9 TwinAir and the 1.2-litre petrol.

The new powertrain will only be available on Cross 4x2 versions of the Panda, where the existing 1.2-litre engine will no longer be offered.

Urban versions of the Panda remain available with the 1.2 in Pop, Easy and Lounge trims.

Prices start at £13,885 for the Panda City Cross Mild Hybrid. The range-topping Trussardi costs £14,485, while the Launch Edition is priced from £14,385.

The Panda Cross 4x4 remains available with the 0.9 TwinAir only.