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Electric Ducato delivers the goods

Ducato is one of the most versatile commercial vehicles on the market with class-leading payload, volume and axle loads combined with an extensive choice of wheelbase, length and height variants making it suitable for everything from carrying passengers to making deliveries, from refrigerated vehicles to camping.

Having entered production in 1981, the Ducato has become a worldwide icon. It is sold in more than 80 countries with in excess of 10,000 configurations available.

The latest-generation Ducato gains even more appeal this year, with the launch of an all-electric version. It’s the first full-electric Fiat Professional model, designed and developed according to the FCA Group’s most advanced quality standards.

Working in line with the Ducato mantra of “more technology, more efficiency, more value”, the same thinking that has underlined every Ducato for the past 40 years has underlined the development of Ducato Electric.

It will be Fiat Professional’s key product in the field of electric mobility, and especially in the transition now under way from the “choice of vehicle” to a “choice of mobility” based on specific working and business factors, as the purchase decision switches from total cost of ownership (TCO) to total cost of mobility (TCM).

By studying a year’s worth of customer usage data encompassing 4,000 vehicles over more than 620,000 miles, Fiat Professional has confirmed that more than 25% of the market already has a “BEV attitude” and is, therefore, ready and waiting for a mobility change.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so the electric powertrain will be offered in all Ducato body variants, giving fleet operators maximum flexibility.

Pilot projects involving large companies are already underway to identify all specific uses and demands, which, in turn, assists with individual customisation and configuration of the vehicle.

With this approach, Fiat Professional intends to offer complete electric mobility solutions, based on the study of energy needs, able not only to cover every single mission but also to offer solutions ranging from vehicles to infrastructures, not forgetting any aspect of the world of services increasingly required by today’s new, constantly-evolving mobility scenarios.

Fleets working in specific business areas are well placed to be early adopters of electric vehicle (EV) technology; considering the growth in online commerce, postal and courier services, home deliveries, local transport and the widespread need to access city centres.

Ducato Electric will feature modular battery size options ranging from 47kWh to 79kWh, to enable customers to balance range with cost and payload.

The van will offer a range from 137 to 224 miles (NEDC) – the longest driving range of any current electric van.

Charging Ducato Electric will be simple thanks to the wide range of charging systems to suit individual requirementsº: 6.6kW, 11kW, 22kW and 50kW fast charging will be offered – this means up to 80% battery life in less than one hour.

The new electric powertrain does not compromise the Ducato’s strengths: best-in-class load volumes from 10 to 17m3, and a payload of up to 1,950Kg.

With 122hp and 280Nm of power, the Ducato Electric offers flexible performance. Speed is limited to 62mph to optimise energy use.

Production of the Ducato Electric will be carried out entirely in-house. The new model will be assembled in the same way that compressed natural gas (CNG) versions are currently built, using a sub-assembly area but otherwise following the same production process as any other Ducato.

When it goes on sale later this year, the Ducato electric will be priced to offer a comparable total cost of ownership to a diesel.