About FCA fleet & business

The multi-brand solution

Setting up a vehicle fleet operation that suits everyone in a diverse business can be challenging. How do you address the needs of all users with a choice list that meets all your requirements? How do you establish a fleet framework that won’t take all your time to administer? Which brands should you choose? Which funding methods should you look at? And above all, how do you keep a close check on costs?

Breadth of choice is a crucial aspect of a successful fleet as you need to be able to service the needs and wishes of your essential users as well as those of your user-choosers.

A multi-brand solution provided by a single manufacturer brings the choice of several prestigious brands together within a single agreement framework that answers your mobility needs without administrational penalty.

An efficiently run multi-brand vehicle agreement can provide impetus for your staff and operational efficiency that allows your company to grow. And, managed properly, it should be a cost-efficient way of accelerating the growth of your business.

This is where Fiat Chrysler Automobiles can really help you make a difference. FCA gives you the benefit of scale, a broad and complete model range, differentiation, fitness for purpose and prestige: a total fleet solution with expert support under one roof.